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Moomin Truffles Orange - Gooslander

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A wonderful creamy truffle with orange. The truffles are dusted with cocoa powder and really melts in your mouth. The box contains 200 grams (20-22 pieces). Keep in dry and cool place. Ingredients: Veg. fat non hydrogenated (coconut, certified palmkernel), sugar, fat reduced cocoapowder, whey powder (milk), fruit preparation (orangejuice 22 %, apple purée 9 %, orange cells 5 %), sugar, rice meal, glucose-, fructose syrup, palmfat, gelling agent (pectin E440), acid (citric acid E330), emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavour (vanillin, orange). Cocoa powder for coating. May contain traces of tree nuts and their by-products, sesame, eggs, peanuts and gluten.

Ihana kermainen appelsiinin makuinen tryffeli. Kaunis tuliainen!

Härlig krämig tryffel med appelsin. Vacker souvenir!

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