Moomin "Shock" multipurpose Pocket square - FatCloth - The Official Moomin Shop
Moomin "Shock" multipurpose Pocket square - FatCloth - The Official Moomin Shop


Moomin "Shock" multipurpose Pocket square - FatCloth

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The original black and white picture is lent from a scene on Tove Jansson's captivating story Moominsummer Madness where you can find out who planted the Hattifattener seeds in the ground and why. A genuine FatCloth can save you from many situations, but Vincent doubts its insulation capabilities against a Hattifattener's shock. So, if you should encounter something as scary – he recommends that you run fast and after you are safe from the danger stop, have a breather, brush up and dry your brow in style with your trusty FatCloth Shock.

You may not have an amphibious ship, but you'll probably have all sorts of modern gadgets to care for. Whether sunglasses, smartphones or camera lenses - the microfibre fabric all our pocket squares is made of is perfect for keeping those delicate surfaces clean and shiny. 

• Size: 30x30cm
• Fabric: 185 g/m2, silky & smooth microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
• Rolled hem, decorative stitching on the edge
• White backside with signature corner pocket
• Machine washable (40°C, wash with similar colors)


Kaunis taskuliina, jossa nähdään hieno Muumi-kuvitus Vaarallinen juhannus -kirjasta. Tyylikäs, käytännöllinen ja moneen käyttöön sopiva liina, esimerkiksi silmälasien tai älypuhelimen puhdistamiseen. Koko 30 x 30 cm.


Vacker näsduk med Mumin bild från boken Farlig midsommar. Stilig, praktisk och mångsidig som fungerar bland annat bra för att putsa glasögonen och smarttelefon. Storlek 30 x 30 cm.

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