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Snorkmaiden Rooibos Tea "Red Berries" tin - Teministeriet

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Moomin loose rooibos tea by Teministeriet in a beautiful reusable tin box. 100g.

Moomin is a fruity tea, based on the fascination of the amazing universe of the Moomins.
Moomin Rooibos Red Berries is a delicious rooibos tea with currants, papaya and the well-known Scandinavian berries: strawberry and raspberry. This blend contains no coffeine, thus perfect at all times of the day or for kids. The smell and taste of this blend connect us to adventures with the sweet and whimsical Moomintrolls and their friends in the Moominvalley. Elegant tin makes it a great gift for every tea-lover. Tove Jansson's illustration of Moomin as we know him - the gentle, round face and loveable personality. Sweet Snorkmaiden is the Moomintroll's best friend and playmate.

The tea leaves can be brewed up to three times. Just add new water, and you are ready to enjoy another cup. The tea should be brewed for 5-8 min. at 100°C, and you should use 1-2 teaspoon per cup.

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